High-Speed Rail Gets Real for the Bay Area

News April 28, 2016
This year, the California High-Speed Rail Authority announced that the first segment of high-speed rail will connect the Central Valley to San Jose, instead of Los Angeles. The Bay Area will become the proving ground for how high-speed rail can transform California’s cities. What do we need to do to get it right?​

SPUR 2016 Annual Report

SPUR Report April 21, 2016
We are pleased to share with you SPUR’s latest annual report — a window into our approach to solving urban problems. This year we opened our Oakland office, helped pass an affordable housing bond in San Francisco and championed a more walkable, transit-oriented San Jose. We invite you to learn more about our work and our vision for creating a stronger Bay Area.

Prioritizing the “Public” in Public Benefits for Central SoMa

News April 20, 2016
What matters most as San Francisco works to develop a neighborhood plan for the Central SoMa district? According to an analysis by city staff, changing zoning rules to allow taller buildings in the area — when combined with existing fees and requirements — could generate approximately $2 billion for public benefits. How should those dollars be dedicated? SPUR weighs in.

Time to Plan Big for the Future of Downtown Oakland

News April 12, 2016
Public and private investment have sparked a renaissance in downtown Oakland, but as the attention and interest grow, downtown finds itself in a bind. The current revival hasn’t been strong enough to attract new construction, and institutions, residents and businesses are being displaced. The Downtown Oakland Specific Plan, now in process, provides an opportunity to address displacement and think big about the future of downtown.

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